Immanuel Baptist School holds that the Bible is the infallible, divine Word of God and that salvation by faith in Christ is the initial step in the Christian life.  There is adequate Biblical basis for the idea of spiritual growth into the image of Christ (Romans 8:29), which is the work of the Holy Spirit (2 Corinthians 3:18).  This growth begins with the initial act of repentance from sin and of saving faith and continues throughout life.  The Holy Spirit makes the Christian conscious of the Biblical demands for a holy life which fulfills both God’s moral law and high law of love (Matthew 22:37-39; Romans 13:8-10; Galatians 5:14).  The result is a life consecrated unto God and separated from the world.

Immanuel Baptist School must, therefore, provide an environment conducive to the spiritual growth and development of young people who are not yet mature Christians.  A standard of conduct based on the following Biblical imperatives is necessary to provide such an environment.  All of the activities of the Christian must be subordinated to the glory of God who indwells us (1 Corinthians 8:9; 12-13; 10:32).  The Christian will endeavor to avoid practices which cause the loss of sensitivity to the spiritual needs of the world and loss of the Christian’s physical, mental, or spiritual well-being (1 Corinthians 9:27).

A sense of the need for spiritual growth in the light of these principles has led Immanuel Baptist School to adopt the following standards which are believed to maintain an environment that will best promote the spiritual welfare of the student.  Immanuel Baptist School, therefore, requests each student—whether at home, school, or elsewhere including the internet, social networking sites, and all social media sites—

  • To refrain from participation in worldly activities such as swearing, indecent language, smoking, possession or use of liquor, drugs or tobacco, involvement in the occult, gambling, stealing, dancing, attending movie theaters, pornography, premarital sex, sexual perversions, homosexuality, and involvement in rock and roll music, rap music, or so-called “Contemporary Christian” or Christian rock” music.
  • To refrain from harassment, fighting, violence, or threats of any kind regardless of provocation; public disruptions or exhibitionism in any form.
  • To maintain Christian standards in courtesy, kindness, honesty, morality, and modest attire.
  • To weekly attend a local, New Testament Church approved by the administrator.


A student’s presence on social media is an extension of their testimony as a student of Immanuel Baptist School.  Therefore, the guidelines on attendance to worldliness apply to movies, music, celebrity personalities, and inappropriate self portraits.

The selection of the restrictions mentioned in this pledge may appear arbitrary to some; but while not condemning others who see differently, Immanuel Baptist School believes that the restrictions named are outstanding types of conduct which are detrimental to the standards established as its objective. Students are expected to abide by these standards throughout their enrollment whether at home, school, or elsewhere.  Students found to be out of harmony with the Immanuel Baptist School ideals of work and life, any student who is violent to others in his actions or makes violent threats, and any student who has been arrested by authorities will be subject to administrative withdrawal.

In this atmosphere of definite and positive Christian standards of conduct, good scholastic planning, and genuine personal interest between faculty and student, there is fine opportunity for development of strong Christian character.

General Conduct

Immanuel Baptist School expects that its students live above reproach, showing respect to God, family, country, faculty, fellow students, school and church property.  Anyone who does not cooperate spiritually, morally, or scholastically will be required to withdraw.  Disorderly conduct (goofing off, horseplay, etc.) is not conducive to Christian character and leads to destruction of property; therefore, it will not be permitted.  At Immanuel Baptist School, these fundamental rules must be followed:

  • No student should speak out in class without permission.
  • No student should be out of his or her seat without permission.
  • Lying, cheating and vandalism will not be tolerated.
  • Inappropriate language (profanity, including euphemisms; vulgarity; suggestive language; slander; ridiculing or taunting other students) will not be tolerated.
  • Physical contact between boys and girls is not permitted.
  • Anyone involved in an immoral relationship will be expelled.
  • Students should always address and reply to faculty and adult workers with respect.
  • Students should not write or pass notes during the school day.
  • Gum chewing is not allowed at any time in school.