Students are considered for enrollment at Immanuel Baptist School after an interview with the school administrator.  It is preferable that both parents be present at the interview.  Parents are requested to bring report cards and standardized achievement test scores from previously attended schools.  Final acceptance generally is determined at the completion of the interview.  However, in some cases, acceptance is dependent upon results of testing and placement of the student.  No students will be admitted or allowed to remain in the Immanuel Baptist School who do not agree and cooperate with our overall purpose and program.

Beginning March 1st, currently enrolled students will be allowed to re-enroll for the following fall term on a first-come first-served basis.  Beginning April 1st, enrollment is open to the general public.

Anyone interested in enrolling can contact the school office and request an enrollment packet.  The student is officially enrolled after the initial interview when the enrollment form has been completed and the registration fee has been paid. This fee will hold the student’s place until the first tuition payment is due.