The school dress code applies to all school activities.  The only exception is that jean skirts may be worn to ball games; however, the rules on slits and length are still in effect.


*ModestyThe Bible clearly teaches that women are to adorn themselves in modest apparel. (I Tim. 2:9.10)  Therefore, all ladies are required to wear modest dress in proportion to their size and age.

  • All girls must wear skirts or dresses that completely cover the knee when in a sitting position. Skirts and dresses must also be loose enough so as not to cling or reveal undergarments.  (Undergarments must be light in color when wearing light colored shirts or blouses.)  Full slips or camisoles are required when wearing lightweight blouses and dresses, and when wearing open-knit sweaters.
  • Front buttoned blouses must be buttoned except for the top button.
  • No writing on shirts is permitted except for a small logo.
  • Slits in skirts and dresses are only allowed if they do not expose the knee or above at any time.
  • Tight shirts, sweaters, and low necklines will not be permitted at any time.
  • Sleeves on all outfits must extend to at least halfway between the shoulder and the elbow.
  • No sleeveless outfits, t-shirts, or denim skirts will be permitted.
  • Elementary girls must wear either tights or socks. Crew socks are also allowed; however, ankle socks are not permitted.
  • High school girls are allowed to wear nylons, tights, or knee socks. Knee socks must be solid in color and either navy or white.
  • During “recess” weather girls must wear shorts under their skirts or dresses.
  • No tennis shoes may be worn, but plain white canvas shoes, without any markings or logos, are considered casual dress shoes and will be permitted. No open-toed or backless shoes will be permitted.  (This includes “crocs”)  No clog type shoes will be permitted.  (EXCEPTION:  Kindergarten girls are allowed to wear tennis shoes; however, no TV/Movie characters on them.)
  • High school girls must wear shoes that are solid in color and either black, brown, gray, or navy. This applies for boots as well.  No multi-color or striping is allowed.
  • No “hoodies” are allowed except on designated days. For elementary only, plain sweatshirts without any writing are allowed if worn over a collared shirt.
  • Leggings may be worn only if they are completely hidden by the skirt or dress. They may not show beneath the clothing.

*Distinction:  Girls should give attention to the selection of their clothing so only articles that are feminine are worn.  Ties are not allowed to be worn by the girls.  Our young ladies may not wear shorts or pants at school or at school activities; however, long, baggy basketball shorts (that comply with skirt length standard and are baggy) may be worn when permission is given by the administration.  We want our young ladies to look and act like young ladies.  (Deut. 22:5) 

*Identification:  It is important that our young ladies identify with the Lord and not with the world in style of clothing and hair.  Any reflection of the modern fads of the rock music culture will not be acceptable, such as more than one earring in the ear, dark nail polish, and other extreme fads.  Girls are not allowed to have shaved hair, multiple colors of hair, or spiking of the hair.


*Modesty:   (I Cor. 16:13) Boys need to wear shirts with a collar.  Shirts with front closing buttons should be buttoned except for the top button.  All shirts must be tucked.

  • Boys should not wear tight fitting pants.
  • Belts and socks should always be worn. No ankle socks are permitted.
  • Tennis shoes are not permitted. (no white soles) Shoes must be solid in color. No multi-color or striping is allowed.  (EXCEPTION:  Kindergarten boys are allowed to wear tennis shoes; however, TV/Movies characters are not allowed on them.)
  • Boys are not allowed to wear pants with holes in them. They are also not allowed to wear pants that are frayed at the bottom.
  • No “hoodies” are allowed except on designated days. For elementary only, plain sweatshirts without any writing are allowed if worn over a collared shirt.

*Distinction:  Any  male student at Immanuel Baptist School should give the appearance and example of a manly young man, even to the point of walking, sitting, and standing in a masculine manner.  Therefore, no articles of clothing considered to be feminine are to be worn.  This includes necklaces, beads, and chains.  The Bible states that a man’s hair is not to be long.  Therefore, the hair must be cut and worn in a conventional manner.  The hair should be off the collar and neatly trimmed in the back.  Sideburns are to come down no longer than the middle of the ear and the hair on the sides must be tapered so that it does not touch the ear.  Hair is to be cut or neatly combed so that it is no longer than the middle of the forehead, approximately two fingers above the eyebrows.  In addition, boys must be clean shaven.  Facial hair will not be allowed.  We want our young men to look like young men. (I Tim. 4:12)

*Identification:  It is important that our young men identify with the Lord, and not the world in their style of clothing and mannerisms.  Styles of clothing and hair that are identified with the world will not be permitted.  (I John 2:15)

 General Dress Standards

  • In the case of a dress violation, the administration may send an offender home or require that proper dress be brought from home.
  • Parents working at the school, attending school programs, class parties, or accompanying field trips are also expected to comply with these standards.
  • If there is a question about a certain article of clothing not meeting the requirements of the dress standards, then that item should not be worn until it is approved.
  • Tennis shoes are permitted for recess and P.E. Students may leave a pair at school if they wish.

Immanuel Fire Casual Days

There are times throughout the year that we call a “casual day”.  Students are allowed to wear jeans for the boys, jean skirts for the girls, and tennis shoes.  Students also may wear any Immanuel Fire gear that they may have including hoodies, t-shirts, etc. If students do not wish to wear Immanuel Fire gear, they can still wear jeans/jean skirts, but must wear that which complies with the school dress code. For 7th-12th grade, this means they will have to wear a uniform shirt. They may not wear other hoodies and t-shirts. Exceptions will be made during spirit week, and the students will be told what is acceptable.